About StatPearls

StatPearls includes a growing list of free, online, peer-reviewed and PubMed-indexed review articles and affordable multiple-choice and flashcard questions with explanations. We provide healthcare professionals with questions to identify knowledge deficits and quickly review to acquire or refresh medical knowledge. Our goal is to provide health professionals with the educational tools needed to identify weaknesses and stay current. The StatPearls Knowledge Base is available in Apps, eBooks, and a soon-to-be-released online CME/CE Learning Management System covering over 400 medical specialties.


StatPearls offers health professionals in medicine, nursing, and allied health the most comprehensive database of multiple-choice questions with explanations and review articles ever developed. The content is updated daily through a multi-step peer review process. Articles are published free on the internet and questions are available on Apps, eBooks, and in an online CME/CE Learning Management System for a nominal fee.


The intent of StatPearls review books is to identify knowledge deficits and assist you in the learning process. Review books are not intended to be a source of the knowledge base of medicine. The authors or editors do not warrant the information is complete or accurate. The reader is encouraged to verify each answer in several references. All drug indications and dosages should be verified before administration.

Mission Statement

To provide an affordable, high-quality education solution for healthcare practitioners worldwide.

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Have questions about StatPearls? All questions answered within 24 hours. Please contact us at support@statpearls.com or call 863-698-1228.


Chief Executive Officer - Scott Dulebohn, MD; Chief Financial Officer - Joe Vandenack, JD; Chief Technical Officer - James Parker, MBA, and Customer Service Director - Cynna Selvy, MBA.

Board of Directors

Steve Bhimji, MS, MD, PhD; William Gossman, MD; Steve Leslie, MD; Phillip Hynes, MD; Dan Mountcastle, MD, and James Parker, MBA.

Peer Review Process

New Articles - Author to Medical Reviewer (Physician) to Editor to Chief Editor (Physician) to Pharmacy Reviewer to Nurse Reviewer to Final Medical Reviewer (Physician) to PubMed.

Revised Articles - Author or Editor to Medical Reviewer (Physician) to Editor to Chief Editor (Physician) to Pharmacy Reviewer to Nurse Reviewer to Final Medical Reviewer (Physician) to PubMed.

All articles and questions are reviewed at least once every two years. In addition, users are allowed to post comments on all articles and questions. These comments are reviewed daily by managing editors, and if a revision is deemed warranted, the modification is made and the article or question is re-submitted to editorial review.